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FUN + Nutrition = CHILLAZ™


FUN + Nutrition = CHILLAZ™, the FIRST FROZEN DRINK of its kind that delivers mouth-tingling flavor along with the most dense nutritional formulation on the planet that is Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher.  Imagine celebrating with friends or taking in a concert with a CHILLAZ™ in your hand. Experience the thirst-quenching flavor of this one-of-a-kind frozen drink that chills your body and soothes your mind WHILE flooding your system with 100 of the BEST nutrients around. It’s a double punch of benefits, great times with great ingredients, CHILLAZ™!

Push the soda, beer and other empty calorie drinks aside! It’s now possible to enjoy a drink that offers the satisfaction of a frozen beverage WHILE delivering powerful nutrition. Today’s modern generation of energy drink and vitamin consumers will quickly embrace CHILLAZ™ as the perfect “party” drinks for modern times! No BULL!!!!